Healthy, tasty breakfast cereals.

Delivered to your door every month.

Oatbox breakfast cereals are made in Montreal from natural, healthy ingredients and inspired by entrepreneurs, foodies, artists, early birds and busy people.

You'll get two different mixes, every month

Inspired by the seasons, our chefs create two different mixes every month that will make you go completely nuts! It's also a great way to add variety to your breakfast, keeping it easy to make, quick to eat and ever so healthy.

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Natural ingredients.

From whole grain cereals like rolled oats and puffed quinoa to nuts and fruits as fresh as they get, our ingredients are really what makes our breakfast cereals truly unique.

Beautifully crafted.

Beauty is in everything we do. From our packaging to our inspiring recipes, we believe that you eat with your eyes as much as your taste buds.

On the go.

Let's admit it, we're all super busy. When's the last time you had more than a half-hour to eat a healthy breakfast? Yeah, we can't remember either.

What's in your box


Two full-sized bags

You subscribe and every month we'll send you two unique mixes - two big bags of around 8 portions each.


Two different mixes

Each bag is different. Our chefs create two mixes every month that are inspired by the seasons.


A free glass jar

To help you eat your healthy breakfast when you're on the go, we'll add a free glass jar with your first order.

Buy one, give one

Our goal is to help change everyone's morning habit. This is why every time we ship you a box of our cereals, we help a child arrive at school with a full stomach.

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