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We're redefining breakfast.

Our vision

We all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, too often, we skip the morning meal with the excuse of being in a hurry. Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs who never took the time to eat nutritiously in the morning, Oatbox aims to redefine breakfast with clean, authentic and healthful products inspired by foodies, artists, entrepreneurs, early birds and busy people.

Mornings are beautiful

We should all be able to enjoy a nutritious morning meal to start the day off right, take on life's hurdles, and to constantly give it our all. For this reason, gathering for breakfast, valuing the importance of sharing, and celebrating the uniting strength of every meal are essential pillars of our culture.

Breakfast is our way of giving back and conveying the essence of our belief. Because we believe mornings are beautiful.

Our commitment

Clean ingredients

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products. That's why we make sure to source simple and natural ingredients you can truly enjoy.

Our organic oat flakes allow for a well-balanced diet. Oats are known for their role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system, and for their mineral-rich content.

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Our organic rye flakes are another supergrain with many benefits. Not only does their rich fiber content help in weight loss and digestion, but it also has the ability to lower your risk of diabetes, blood pressure and prevent cancers

Our premium raw organic honey is a natural sweetener packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

The roots of our craft

Everything starts at the origin of the product. All The energy invested in the art of cultivating is what makes an ingredient that much more valuable and unique. At Oatbox, we maintain close relationships with our cherished producers. We believe it is important to truly appreciate all of the love and dedication that goes into the profession, which in turn, allows us to feature incredible produce in our products. We come upon hard workers who focus on in-depth knowledge, quality and responsible practices, and allow us to create a product we are proud of.

Tasty blends

We go above and beyond to create flavors you won't necessarily find in your grocery store, and share them with you

An epicurean journey

We make a point of allowing you to discover unique flavors. We want to surprise you by pushing the boundaries, so we take no shurtcuts in offering you the best combination of ingredients. With subtle yet vibrant aromas, rich texture and fruity fragrances, our tasty blends are sure to jumpstart your day in a glorious way.

All our products are made with simple and natural ingredients, most of which are also organic. They are the result of the constant epicurean journey we're on, which we not only want you to experience, but also be a part of.


Because we also believe food should not be processed, we don't add any preservatives to our products. This way you can enjoy products made of ingredients you can pronounce.

From our kitchen to yours

We know getting up early to prepare a healthful breakfast isn't always easy. Let us take care of it for you! We are hard at work to provide you with premium products delivered straight to you. A great effort goes into sourcing ingredients of good nature and high quality, and we pay close attention to the smallest detail, every step of the way.

We aim for the highest quality standards. This is why each and every product is crafted with care and freshly prepared, so you can enjoy the very best meal at the right time of the day.

One for One

At Oatbox, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a healthful breakfast to start the day off right. This is why we are proud to support the Breakfast Club of Canada by helping children have access to a nutritious morning meal.

For every purchase, we give one bar to the Club.