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5 Essential Tips For Hosting The Perfect Breakfast

September 8, 2016
Breakfast side tray with jams, eggs and honey

Every occasion is a valuable opportunity to share a meal with our loved ones. Although we usually have the tendency to celebrate the small joys of life over dinner, there is something utterly charming about having guests over for breakfast.

No need to make a reservation at your neighbourhood brunch spot, you can create your own hearty morning meal at home, in the comfort of your kitchen. To help you out, our chef shares 5 essentials to remember when hosting a breakfast get-together.


1. Coffee

Having guests over for breakfast means starting off with good coffee! We must be effective and help our guests awaken. Choose a good variety of coffee, which preferably does not require a complex preparation, in order to avoid wasting precious time in the company of your guests. Our favourite option is the French press, since it allows you to produce large quantities of quality coffee with a good proportion of caffeine.

Breakfast table setting with French press coffee
Coffee served by hostess with a breakfast table setting

For food and beverage service, we prefer small cubes of raw sugar (ideal for a neat presentation) and hot milk.

Tip: prepare tasty simple syrups to give a different taste to your guests’ coffees. Here’s a quick recipe that you can easily reinvent with your favourite granola mixes: heat ½ a liter of water with ½ a liter of sugar and a cup of Oatbox granola. Once the mixture is boiling, remove from heat and pass through a fine sieve. You can refrigerate the syrup for up to 4 weeks.

2. Beverages

Coffee’s good – especially to wake you up – but it’s important to start the day off with proper hydration. How so? Treat your guests with fresh and colourful infused waters, which are less expensive than freshly pressed juices or smoothies, but just as tasty! Citrus water (lime ½ of a lime, ½ of a lemon and ½ of a clementine) is a classic, but you can also opt for a blend of fresh herbs, like rosemary and lemon thyme, or go with the combination of watermelon and mint, or clementine and honey.

Citrus infused water served by hostess to accompany a baked oatmeal recipe for breakfast

For presentation, add ice cubes and serve in tall glasses.

Tip: prefer sparkling water to plain in order to add a festive feel to your gathering.

3. Food

Obviously, food is the key element of any reception. Our baked oatmeal recipe, which you can easily prepare the previous day will allow you to sleep in a little longer and will certainly steal the show. Be creative and serve it with maple bacon and cheddar, or substitute the proposed yogurt with whipped or sour cream. A cost-saving and delicious recipe you can easily adapt with the ingredients you have on hand!

Hostess serving a platter of baked oatmeal on a breakfast table setting
Guests gathered around a breakfast table setting and enjoying a baked oatmeal recipe

Remember: the more toppings, the better!

Consider preparing a fresh fruit salad as a side for the main dish. For a unique aromatic touch, add a few spices like cloves, cinnamon or freshly grated nutmeg.

4. Sides

The sides are probably the most entertaining elements of breakfast! Besides being good, they not only add to the feeling of festivity, but they also allow our guests to discover many great products. Our chef suggests you prepare a breakfast side tray, using a variety of honeys, jams, butters, spreads, ground chia, nuts, hard boiled eggs and fruits.

Breakfast side tray with jams, honeys, eggs and fruits
Breakfast side tray with jams, honeys, eggs and fruits

For presentation and for a convenient self-service, each jar should have its own spoon. Also think about removing the lids in advance to avoid unwanted linen stains.

Tip: don’t have time to prepare homemade jams? Head to your local market and add a spoon of cooked rum, a little star anise or a pinch of vanilla beans to your purchased goods.

5. The table

At Oatbox, we have a thing for table setting. It’s even more fun to decorate a breakfast table since the possibilities are almost endless! Use large bowls to display side dishes and fill one of them with maple syrup to allow your guests to indulge – we should be allowed to treat ourselves on special occasions, shouldn't we? The use of table runners instead of place mats will make your table appear longer and create space.

Breakfast table setting with a side tray, infused citrus water and a flower bouquet

Don’t forget to set matching tea towels and decorate your table with floral arrangements.

No flowers on hand? Prepare a large bowl of sliced fruits, making sure to combine all colors. Also think about sprinkling your table with nuts in their shells as edible decoration!

Thanks to Jeff Lee of Tower Trip for the gorgeous kitchen space

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