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A healthier breakfast to kickstart the new year

January 15, 2018

The beginning of every new year is often accompanied by the comeback of a healthier lifestyle, which tends to be set aside during the opulent Holiday period for several of us. It naturally begins with food and with breakfast, often referred to as the most important meal of the day. In order to help you meet your resolutions and kickstart 2018 in a healthy and glorious manner, we have created for January two of our most nutritious granola mixes ever. The unique properties of the ingredients we used complement perfectly the already well-established benefits of oats and rye, for an impressive and tasty result.

In addition to discovering the benefits of our two star products of the month, you will also find some recipe ideas for each mix, as alternatives to the traditional yogurt parfait or the recipes you received in your monthly box!

Oatbox granola matcha et mures blanches + granola beurre d'arachide

Peanut Butter Granola

With 9 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and only 5 grams of sugar per serving, our Peanut Butter Granola mix is without a doubt the undisputed nutrition champion in its category! Although peanut butter is appreciated for its high energy and protein content, it is generally accepted that this comes with a relatively high caloric and carbohydrate intake. How, then, have we achieved such an impressive result in nutritional terms? The secret lies in the use of an all-natural powdered peanut butter that contains 90% less fat than traditional peanut butter. Offered by the Canadian brand PB & Me, powdered peanut butter, once mixed with a little water, provides all the good taste and nutritional qualities of regular peanut butter but without the oil, which was pressed from the peanuts during the process. This allowed us to create a granola mix with extraordinary health benefits without sacrificing the taste, and therefore being able to meet the expectations of our peanut butter lovers who had been asking for such a product for a long time!

Matcha and Mulberry Granola

Our Peanut Butter Granola mix is very well accompanied by one of our revisited classics, the Matcha and Mulberry Granola. The latter is far from being outdone as matcha is known for its thousand and one benefits. This millennial food with a unique and pronounced taste is a great source of antioxidants and chlorophyll, the same substance found in plants that is also very beneficial for human consumption. The matcha that was used in the preparation of the mix was once more in powder form, the same type that is used to prepare a cup of matcha tea. A true concentrate of green tea, matcha powder contains almost 10 times the nutritional value of an infused tea. Combined with the antioxidant and energetic power of white mulberries, we obtain a granola mix whose unique and delicious taste is matched only by its many benefits!

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