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Benefits of Figs

March 18, 2016
Figs granola and yogurt served in a white plate

This text is written by Sophie Geoffrion, P.Dt.

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful fruits, the fig brings a delicate Mediterranean touch to many dishes, from appetizers to desserts. Fresh, it can be cut into slices and laid on toasts with ricotta, honey & pistachios and it fits perfectly with the refreshing bitterness of arugula and salty prosciutto in a salad or on a pizza. Dried, it is a good match to the crunchy texture of walnuts in muffin or energy ball recipes and it can bring softness to stewed meals such as tagines. You can also easily substitute any dried fruit (eg raisins, cranberries, dates, prunes, etc.) by figs to reinvent your favorite recipes.


Like most fruits eaten with the peel, figs promise undeniable nutritional benefits. Among others, they provide more stable energy to your body due to the simultaneous presence of carbohydrates and dietary fibres, which will help slow down the rate at which natural sugar is released in your bloodstream during digestion. Ideal to prevent midday tiredness or to give you a little boost during a particularly demanding hike!


Photo credit : Sarah Babineau

If you want to get the most antioxidants out of figs, make sure to eat them fresh, at the peak of their ripening, and prioritize darker varieties.


Extremely delicate and perishable, the fig necessitates meticulous handling in order to avoid bruising and ultimately alter its polished appearance. Select plump fruits and don’t be tardy – not more than two days – to indulge!

Sophie Geoffrion of HappyFitness

About Sophie

Sophie Geoffrion, P.Dt. is a professional nutritionist and a member of the OPDQ since 2012. With an empathetic approach, a curious scientific mind and a rich culinary experience drawn from all corners of the planet, she brings motivation and guidance to various customers. Healthy weight management, positive view of body image, vegetarian diet and sports nutrition are her fields of high interest.

Sophie is also cofounder of the HappyFitness Movement, a young company based in Montreal that motivates women to adopt a healthy lifestyle through pleasure, balance and simplicity. Through outdoor training groups, weekend retreats, private consultation and corporate activities, HappyFitness cheerfully reveals that physical activity and nutrition are accessible tools to enhance your quality of life to a higher level!