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Beyond The Box

January 6, 2017
Young woman wrapped in a blanket peacefully enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a deck at the break of dawn

Oatbox is with you every morning – whether you’re in a hurry or you’re taking it slow. We strive to provide you with the best quality product and we make sure to grow a team of wholehearted and passionate people to do so. 

We love to talk about how and why we do it, but this time we wanted to show you. As we say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Join us as we unveil our story, one part at a time.
After all, none of this would be possible without you.

From our kitchen to yours

We get up early so you don’t have to

Every morning our team is hard at work to provide you with freshly prepared breakfast products. Handcrafted with care, our granola mixes are sure to give you all the nutrients you need to help you face your day’s challenges. Everything is delivered straight to your door and ready to enjoy, so you have one less thing to worry about when starting your day right.

This video also gives you a little sneak peek of our kitchen if you’re one of the curious people out there!

Oatbox employee preparing healthful and tasty granola mixes in the company's kitchen

The roots of our craft

The work of a producer is one we cherish and fully recognize - a strenuous, yet truly rewarding job that requires meticulous attention.

Every producer is one of our close partners, and their hard and passionate work is what allows us to feature the best possible ingredients. We are adamant about cutting down intermediaries and maintaining close relationships with these amazing individuals, not only to better understand their reality but especially to witness everything that makes their practices so admirable.

Landscape photograph of an oat field
Portrait of an oat producer
Handheld radio photographed in front of an oat field

An epicurean journey

Simple, natural and for the most part organic ingredients

We make it a point to surprise your taste buds and to allow you to discover unique flavour combinations. We remain committed to supporting local producers, although sometimes our curiosity leads us to transcend borders.

Eating well is not always synonymous of compromise and having to choose between something tasty and something healthful. In our view, both can and must go hand in hand - a unique taste experience and a nutritious, guilt-free breakfast product is what we offer.

Eating is also a pleasure one has to renew, which is why we constantly strive to reinvent ourselves and broaden our horizons. We firmly believe in the importance of pushing the boundaries and offering a quality product that can truly be enjoyed.

Landscape photo of a mist-covered lake at break of dawn
Hydroplane slowly navigating on a Shawinigan lake

Mornings are beautiful

Every morning is a new beginning; an occasion to start fresh and welcome the positive outcomes the new day has to offer.

Mornings are also something to make our own. While some choose to share these moments with loved ones, others take time for themselves and focus in anticipation of the challenges to come.

Every morning ritual is unique, in a way that allows us to enjoy the little things that make us feel great. At Oatbox, we recognize these differences and we believe in the importance of celebrating them, every day and every morning.

Special thanks to: Demande Générale - Must Maison - Olympic - Nöyze (Music) - Studio La Relève

Young woman wrapped in a blanket peacefully enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a deck at the break of dawn
Family toast at a morning brunch

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