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Brasserie New Deal: Tasteful Beers With an Environmental Conscience

November 17, 2016
Boldwin beer cans displayed in a basket

"Changing the world one sip at a time …" are words the brewers at Brasserie New Deal live by. Ambitious, some will say. However, only a brief encounter with the founders (or simple research) will allow you to quickly understand you are not dealing with big talkers or small doers, but rather with entrepreneurs of principle.

New Deal's lobby decor
Boldwin beer cans photographed in Brasserie New Deal's offices

Newly available on the market, Brasserie New Deal’s Boldwin beers are already seducing beer enthusiasts across Quebec. Not only are they tasty, but they are also 100% organic. They even have the power to make you feel good about yourself, as if the simple pleasure of enjoying your beer has a whole new meaning and a much larger impact.

Putting common good of society, environmental issues and social responsibility at the heart of their business is a priority for the entrepreneurs behind the brand. In fact, Brasserie New Deal is the first Quebec-based microbrewery to conform to B Corporation certification and its very high standards of environmental and social performance.

Visit of Brasserie New Deal's microbrewery and beer production facilities
Visit of Brasserie New Deal's microbrewery and beer production facilities
Visit of Brasserie New Deal's microbrewery and beer production facilities

Brasserie New Deal meets the B Corp standards in different ways throughout its value chain. First, its organic certification allows the brewery to limit its ecological footprint; and then, its manufacturing optimization minimizes the amount of drinkable water and energy that is required to produce a beer. In addition, the company made the conscious decision to can its Boldwin beers instead of bottling them; a packaging choice that allows them to use recyclable aluminium and requires a smaller quantity of raw material. Finally, every ingredient used in the beer production is certified organic, giving the consumer a product of the highest quality. The microbrewery is therefore distinguished from its competitors by the adoption of a work ethic beyond reproach, which reflects its commitment to a better corporate landscape.

Visit of Brasserie New Deal's microbrewery and beer production facilities
A handful of barley, ingredient used in the production of beers at Brasserie New Deal
Jean-François Giguère, CMO at Brasserie New Deal

Brasserie New Deal makes a point of honouring its commitments and ensuring that each member of its team supports and embodies the values ​​that guide the company's mission.

Do not hesitate to visit their website or one of their retailers to savour their delicious game-changing beers!

Boldwin beer cans photographed up close

Brasserie New Deal

About Brasserie New Deal

High-quality handcrafted and local beers made according to responsible practices.

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