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Entrepreneurial Profile : An Open Air Meeting with HappyFitness

May 4, 2016
Chloe Rochette and Sophie Geoffrion from HappyFitness

Friday morning. It’s a little chilly outside and the sun is starting to show up. It’s in the decor of the Outremont Park that we patiently wait to meet the women behind the HappyFitness Movement. They are quick to arrive and we can definitely sense an uncommon energy as we see them approaching. Confident, bubbly and disarmingly authentic, we only need a few seconds to distinguish the complicity they share.

Chloe Rochette and Sophie Geoffrion of HappyFitness

Now certified trainer with a solid athletic background, Chloe Rochette says she has always perceived any physical activity as a source of happiness. She has particularly realized the importance of sports and exercise in her daily life after coming back from a forced leave from physical activity. As she was getting back into a healthy and active lifestyle, which she had dearly missed, most of her friends were giving in to a sedentary lifestyle. Unmotivated, both disinterested and intimidated by training in a gym, they quickly became Chloe’s first clientele. Determined to show them how fun it is to exercise and to keep busy, the young student decided to set up outside training groups, which she coordinated mainly between her semesters at University.    


The HappyFitness training groups quickly gained in notoriety and it was clear to Chloe that she had to dedicate herself full time to this project. But who says training also says nutrition. Thus, the young entrepreneur started looking for a soul mate that could complement and diversify the HF offer with her expertise and advice in nutrition. It was love at first sight with Sophie Geoffrion, who shared exactly the same vision as Chloe regarding health: it should be fun, balanced and simple. Together, they now form (a perfect duo and) the HappyFitness Movement as we know it today.

exercise for two with Sophie Geoffrion and Chloe Rochette of HappyFitness
exercise for two with Sophie Geoffrion and Chloe Rochette of HappyFitness

Training sessions designed exclusively for women, where each can find her unique value, is part of what the company offers. The workouts vary every week and each and every one of them is complete and balanced; short but intense efforts that allow participants of all levels to evolve together. Cardiovascular, muscular, agility, coordination and balance – all these important dimensions that simplify everyday life – are put to the test. Alongside all of this, Sophie is available to prepare great recipes and ideal snacks to support all the participants’ active life styles.  


As if this was not already plenty enough, HappyFitness also allows you to live a complete well-being experience several times a year, thanks to its retreat weekends. Throughout the weekend, the team offers you the luxury of having nothing to do except unwind and taking care of yourself. Chloe will make sure you’re active everyday, Sophie will look after your stomach by cooking meals that will probably make you discover new flavours and recipes and you'll even have the chance to relax while a certified massage therapist works her magic.

Sophie Geoffrion and Chloe Rochette of HappyFitness in a park
Sophie Geoffrion and Chloe Rochette of HappyFitness in a park

Last March, the HF girls flew to Costa Rica to experience a weeklong exotic retreat, which was a hit with the eight participants who accompanied them. Rumour has it that the second edition is already being prepared and that more spots will be available to participate!  


Meanwhile, we can wish HappyFitness a steady and controlled growth. The girls are adamant when they say that their business values are fundamental and essential to their purpose. They want to offer more courses but they don’t want to spread themselves out too thin. They don’t want to become only managers, since they are really fulfilled by what they’re currently doing.  


For those of you who are interested, a training session has just started (on April 25) and they will welcome you with open arms if you want to join them. But hurry, space is still limited! You can find all the information on their website.

Chloe Rochette and Sophie Geoffrion of HappyFitness in a park

The girls in a few words 


First thing you do in the morning?
Chloe: I prepare breakfast.
Sophie: I make myself a coffee.


Do you have breakfast?
Chloe: It’s by far the best moment of my day! I often plan my breakfast the night before since I can’t wait.
Sophie: It's unthinkable not to have breakfast! Why would someone want to miss out on so much happiness?    


Your favourite breakfast?
Chloe: Lately, I crave smoothie bowls. Consistent, with lots of granola on top!
Sophie: I'm currently really excited to eat whole grain toast with nut butter and slices of fresh fruit!    


One word to describe you?
To describe both of us and the company: Passionate.    


What do you do on your free time?
Chloe: I really like to move! On Fridays we don’t work and I plan what I call a Friday Fun Day. In the morning, I head to yoga, then I’ll go climbing and go for a run.
Sophie: We travel and we plan little getaway weekends, for example hiking or camping. It may seem silly, but in my spare time I also love to cook!    


Your inspiration?
Chloe: I refer to a lot of blogs from experts in training or human movement doctors. People inspire me a lot too, whether it’s our customers, Sophie or my relatives. They not only give me ideas, but they inspire me to be better and to push myself.
Sophie: A great source of inspiration comes from my trips. Otherwise, there are some blogs – mainly food blogs – that I really like to follow.    


Any advice for entrepreneurs?
Chloe: Find your "why." If you don’t have a passion and if you don’t know why you do what you do, it’ll be really hard. You must be in business for a reason larger than just wanting to be in business.
Sophie: Start small and slowly get bigger. If you give up everything to commit to a project you’re not sure is going to work, it’s better for you to take it one step at a time.

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