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Entrepreneurial Profile : Brunch With On Dejeune

April 28, 2016
brunch at O'Thym with On Dejeune and Oatbox

A love for food, and more precisely for breakfast, but also the deception of being left aside by their precious partner – who was the only one invited as a VIP guest at the 2014 edition of the Osheaga festival – is what brings Olivier and Michel to meet at Pagaille Café. It’s a known fact: a good meal is a good remedy for all aches.

 It’s while casually enjoying their meals that the first idea of a food blog crosses their mind. Out of sight, but close to the heart, they believe that this idea will also appeal to Jeanne. Driven by an unexplainable flame of achievement, they get to work on the spot: the name "On Dejeune" is proclaimed, the defunct Instagram account @fandesarahjeannelabrosse13 undergoes a makeover and the first hashtag is formally established. The Dej Crew takes over the foodie world.

déjeuner brunch chez O'Thym
déjeuner brunch chez O'Thym

With their complimenting experience, Jeanne Rondeau-Ducharme, Olivier Normandin-Guénette and Michel Beauchemin quickly come to charm the local public. With the first two having a solid background in Instagramming it is quite natural for them to partner with the experience in restaurant services of the other. At times student, musician, worker in video postproduction and throughout having a developed appetite, they are each dedicated to their project in an authentic way.


Once described as representatives of "a more urban and less elitist foodie generation", the friends say they are indeed interested in sharing an accessible and quite delightful vision of breakfast. They do not succumb to criticism and do not consider themselves primarily as gourmets, but they do recognize in their love of food this willingness to share their best addresses and invite their followers to do the same. Through their photos and different tools, they wish to pay tribute to the conviviality of this meal and inspire people to share the pleasure of eating well while being in good company. Celebrating the dejlife, is mostly what On Dejeune is all about!

Their battleground is Instagram and it’s where the breakfast community reunites itself and the sharing takes place. Through likes, comments and tags, this platform allows them to connect with their followers in a special way. Not only will the entrepreneurs share their favourite spots to enjoy a good breakfast or brunch, but they will also discover new places to visit and people who share their passion.

déjeuner brunch mimosa chez O'Thym
déjeuner brunch oeufs et saumon chez O'Thym

From the outset, the group of breakfast enthusiasts performed its trials, some successful and others less. They rapidly sought to maximize the possibilities: organizing events, launching garment lines, creating associations with well-known restaurants, and more. Following certain unsuccessful endeavours, they decided it would be best to take it one step at a time to ensure the progressive development of their project. The lesson they drew from this was to remain true to their beliefs and not to be overwhelmed with work, while deriving passion and fun in the realization of any task.


Particularly known in Quebec, the crew of On Dejeune wishes to establish itself outside the boundaries of the province. The partners would love to invite the public at large in celebrating and participating in the awareness of the world of breakfast. For the more curious, they are currently developing a brand new breakfast app that should please many breakfast lovers. Stay tuned and follow them on social media @ondejeune!

Olivier Normandin-Guénette d'On Déjeune
Jeanne Rondeau-Ducharme d'On Déjeune
Michel Beauchemin d'On Déjeune

The crew in a few words


First thing you do in the morning?
Olivier : I give Jeanne a kiss.
Jeanne : I swipe trhough my cellphone applications.
MichelI open my curtains, I take my D3 vitamin supplements and I take a look at the new followers on the instagram account of On Dejeune.


Your favourite breakfast?
Olivier : Whatever is salty, sweet and a little fat. 
Jeanne : I often opt for sweet and I always regret because I feel like salty afterwards.
Michel : A perfect brunch at Lemeac. Their small donuts are a must.


One word to describe you?
Olivier : Healthy-appetite
Jeanne : Upright
Michel : Dejlife


An advice for all entrepreneurs?
Olivier : Believe in your dreams. Nothing’s impossible. The idea that seems to be the worse is often the best. With On Dejeune, we had a lot of questioning and we adjusted. The important thing is to continue and dive head first into what interests us.
Jeanne : To try. Something I am learning myself, because I tend to always wait for the best idea, the perfect idea. Sometimes, you just have to go ahead and try; even in doubt.
Michel : If you undertake something, you must do something you love, because it follows you 24/24. It can quickly make you unhappy.

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