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Entrepreneurial Profile : Sofia Sokoloff of Sokoloff Lingerie

February 8, 2016
Portrait of Sofia Sokoloff, founder of Sokoloff Lingerie

Shortly after graduating from LaSalle College in Fashion design and acquiring experience as an intern in trends at a style office in Paris, Sofia Sokoloff will in turn be hired as a seamstress for the Cirque du Soleil and designer for La Senza, once in Canadian soil. She will later go back to school to adequately respond to entrepreneurship’s call. It was in 2012, as she was completing her bachelor's degree in industrial management, that she decided to launch Sokoloff Lingerie.

Portrait of Sofia Sokoloff, founder of Sokoloff Lingerie

Of course, the designer’s experience strongly oriented her professional choice, but it is rather the feeling of a market to fill that inspired her to join the lingerie industry. Halfway between industrial range and high-end underwear too often unaffordable, Sokoloff products meet young, mature and trendy women’s requirements: a handmade quality product at an affordable price.

Skilfully designed by Sofia, Sokoloff Lingerie’s collections aim to represent a woman’s authenticity. Through the strong, creative and eclectic personalities of its muses, the company wishes to promote a powerful and healthy image of feminine beauty, to which it is easy to relate.

A delicate piece of women's lingerie fromt Sokoloff lingerie
A delicate piece of women's lingerie fromt Sokoloff lingerie
A delicate piece of women's lingerie fromt Sokoloff lingerie

Now firmly established in the province of Quebec and profiting from a constant growth across Canada, Sofia is now all set to seduce the US market. Also currently maintaining a commercial relationship with a retailer in Dubai, she nonetheless aspires to an international recognition.

Sokoloff Lingerie’s next collection will be released on March 15. We can expect an exotic look and a lot of soft colors. To take a look at the current collection and own a few pieces, click here. You can also check out the complete list of their retailers to find out where you can purchase these little wonders!

Sokoloff Lingerie textiles in a sewing studio
Sokoloff Lingerie spool of thread on a sewing table
Sokoloff Lingerie spool of thread and sewing machine
Sokoloff Lingerie seamstress at work

Sofia Sokoloff in a few words

First thing you do in the morning?
I drink coffee. This is essential to my day.

Do you have breakfast in the morning?
Not always.

Your favourite breakfast?

One word to describe you as an entrepreneur: 

What do you do in your (rare) spare time?
I love to draw.

Your inspiration?
Art. Artists, mostly from Montreal, often drive my collections. I try to position myself through art.

An advice for all entrepreneurs?
Go for it, work hard and, above all, be patient.

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