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Health benefits of millet

July 7, 2017

Oatbox presents the health benefits of millet

The word "millet" refers to a wide variety of cereals of all kinds but its form known as pearl millet is the one that can usually be found in stores (and in your granola mix this month!). This cereal may be consumed in its transformed (decorticated) form or even in the form of flour. Nevertheless, whole grain millet remains by far the most naturally nutritious. 

Oatbox presents the health benefits of millet
Oatbox presents the health benefits of millet

Rich in nutrients

Whole pearl millet grains contain a higher proportion of germ than most other cereals, which gives them a very good nutritional value. This part of the grain is actually always the most nutritiously interesting because it is filled with several vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B and E, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.


Easy to digest and hypoallergenic

Pearl millet naturally contains no gluten, making it an excellent alternative for those dealing with celiac disease. Another property making the millet interesting from the nutritional point of view is that it is a very weak source of FODMAPs, fermentable carbohydrates that cause intestinal discomfort in individuals affected by irritable bowel syndrome.

Oatbox presents the health benefits of millet

Good for the environment

Millet takes the prize in terms of resistance! Its cultivation requires little fertilizer, pesticides and water. It even manages to grow in the desert of the Sahara! These assets make its consumption environmentally ideal.

In conclusion, whether it is for its good taste, high nutritient intake or low environmental impact, pearl millet should definitely be added to your plate!

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