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Living in Harmony With lululemon

August 16, 2016
woman in a lululemon athletica yoga apparel store

lululemon athletica is a company based on community and innovation, notions we, at Oatbox, also strongly value. Since health and wellness play a huge part in both our companies’ cultures, it was no surprise that it was love at first sight when we met, more than a year ago. Ever since, we have partnered in events that reflect our ideals and that allow us to share our mindset with the community.

lululemon athletica yoga gear
lululemon athletica yoga gear

lululemon athletica was born in Vancouver in 1998 out of the need for technical yoga apparel. The store soon developed into a community hub, a place where sweat-enthusiasts could gather to experience and share their passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. Now an international pillar of athleticism, the brand plays a unique role in creating special and singular relationships with every new location that opens. Each store has the liberty to connect with its guests and community in the manner it sees most appropriate and engaging.

Personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, honesty, courage, connection & fun

These are all fundamental values lululemon employees are encouraged to embrace. By connecting with people on a genuine human level, by being curious and developing relationships through various activities, each and every team member is a proud example of the company’s culture.


lululemon is eager to give back to its employees

Entrepreneurship is a highly-valued trait and the company encourages its employees to excel in manners that are unique to each and every one of them. With the help and support of colleagues, every employee has the opportunity to be goal-coached on their very own 10-year personal vision. Together, they then backtrack to establish 1 and 5-year perspectives to set achievable personal, health and career goals and help them reach. These goals don’t need to be defined within lululemon boundaries – the purpose of this program being to support any individual in their life, as opposed to benefiting the company itself.

The business also helps its employees in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle by offering to enroll them in a couple of yoga or fitness classes every week, according to their personal preference. This way, staff is encouraged to meet new individuals, sharing similar interests, all whilst staying active – the best way to experience first-hand what lululemon is all about!

yoga event
two women practicing yoga outdoors
outdoor group class

lululemon athletica associates with inspiring people in the community who are already up to amazing stuff and are already living the culture of health, balance, entrepreneurship and fun


The ambassador program is their way of recruiting local athletes and instructors as part of their extended family – the lululemon collective – to support them in their goals but especially to give them the opportunity to inspire many others in their daily life. During a two-year term contract, these ambassadors connect with their community and represent the brand through showcased events.

friends laughing
yoga pose in front of a lake
group of friends laughing and having a good time

Amanda Weil joined lululemon over 7 years ago, drawn to the company’s one-of-a-kind importance of community. As Montreal’s maven, her job is to ensure that the company’s Canadian strategy is implemented in a very local and relevant way in Montreal. Since the word maven means being an expert, a big part of her job is really knowing her city and her region, connecting with amazing entrepreneurs and athletes, and giving people access to the brand through the experiences they create. It was a pleasure meeting her and getting to know lululemon even more through such an inspiring and mindful person.

woman in lululemon athletica yoga apparel

Amanda in a few words


First thing you do in the morning?
I wash my face for a fresh start to the day.

Do you have breakfast?
Not all the time but I try to. Mostly by lack of time. I think I need to have something that’s quick and easy for my type of lifestyle. The crazy part is that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and it’s the one I have the least.

Your favourite breakfast?
I love salty and sweet. If I were to really indulge, I would have something more on the salty side and I would finish with something sweet. Your typical full-on breakfast!

One word to describe you?

Your inspiration?
Honestly, people. I’m really fuelled by other people’s stories and by spending time with them.

What do you do on your free time?
I run and go to fitness and yoga classes. I spend time with my friends and family. I also love nature and I have an obsession with sunsets. So often times when I need to disconnect from everything, I’ll go to my parents’ house - they live right on the lake - and I’ll go kayaking with my sister to watch the sunset there.

Any piece of advice for entrepreneurs?
Trust your gut, it never really lies. Do those gut checks often and follow your heart.

Photos provided by AlexCD @alexcdphotography

About lululemon athletica

lululemon athletica was born in Vancouver in 1998 out of the need for technical yoga apparel. The store soon developed into a community hub, a place where sweat-enthusiasts could gather to experience and share their passion for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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