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Meeting with Café Liégeois

September 16, 2015
Cafe Liegeois bag on table

September sometimes marks painful return to school, the work routine and the official end of the summer holiday. For that reason, our chef wished to create a invigorating mix to help you jump right back into your good habits as quickly and seamlessly as possible. If you're like us, getting out of bed in the morning can sometimes be a challenging task, and it can take a little while before our creativity begins to flow freely. Luckily for all of us, all of these challenges just seem to vanish when you get that first whiff of coffee. That's when our chef had a stroke of genius: "What if that delicious first sip of coffee was infused into our cereal mixes?"

Quickly, our team did what needed to be done — get in touch with some local coffee lovers and specialists, our dear friends from Café Liégeois. These two young and innovative entrepreneurs are behind the brilliant idea of importing premium-grade coffee, landed and roasted to perfection, and sealing it within Nespresso-compatible pods. These wonderful little pods are available online and in many grocery stores, contrarily to Nespresso products. The coffee that they use, and which is featured in our September mix, are of the world's finest origines. We learnt a wealth of knowledge including the importance of the soil, lighting conditions and altitude; all factors influencing the flavour of the coffee bean.


This excellent coffee is cultivated along the shores of lake Jawa, just North of Sumatra Island. The growers have been masters of the art of coffee for several centuries. The product is of an impressive boldness — well-rounded and strong, this coffee transmits little acidity.


The small, humid plot that produces this unique coffee is located in the Dunpar valley, in northern Colombia. The peculiar orientation to the sun and the extremely fertile soil contribute to the singular personality of this coffee. As it is exported, it passes through the Cartagena region. This fine and aromatic coffee is characterized by it's suave, mild acidity and it's light mouth-feel.


This coffee is produced just paces from Mount Kilimanjaro. As the farm encircles the base of this dormant volcanic mountain, it's multiple levels are always exposed to direct sunlight. The result is a very light and flavourful coffee, adored by those seeking a slightly acidulated brew. Discover the plethora of characteristics in our September mix, and compliment your bowl of cereal with a luxurious cup of Café Liégeois coffee.

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