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Morning Meetup With The Founders of Groom

November 1, 2016
Groom Men Personal Care Products

Today’s tendencies are characterized by a plethora of various styles and a continuous renewal of self-perception, especially with men. There is, however, a new opening where self-assured and virile men attribute an increasing value to their personal care and grooming. This specific new trend was quickly spotted and understood by the founders of Groom Industries.  

Groom Men Personal Care Products
Montreal City seen from the offices of Groom
Groom Men Personal Care Products

Groom offers a selection of natural handcrafted products designed for men’s personal care and shaving. From the careful creation of recipes, all the way to labeling, every step of the production takes place in Montreal, under the tight seal of a strict work ethic. Behind the brand, you’ll find three young men with various experiences: Julien, a French literature graduate and restaurant worker; Etienne, a trained translator who also launched Henri Sodas, and Maxime, a professional sound engineer. Somehow, this proves that entrepreneurship is not the well-kept secret of a select group of people, but rather a skill accessible to many.

The idea to start a business came upon them suddenly, but the project was carefully and slowly implemented. "In our view, the fact that we didn’t rush into anything is what made our project possible", says the trio.

Julien, cofounder of Groom
Etienne, cofounder of Groom
Maxime, cofounder of Groom
Groom's office decor
Maxime, cofounder of Groom demonstrating a product

Established in 2013 in Montreal, Groom now benefits from a few outlets abroad: a distributor in Scandinavia, successful business relations in France and a significant presence through Frank + Oak in the United States. Led by rapid and organic growth back when it all started, the entrepreneurs rely today on a steady sales growth to run their activities.

The conception of new shaving products – which should be available in the beginning of November – will without the shadow of a doubt support this growth, whilst complementing the company's offer. To this, we can add the unveiling of a new brand image and surely the guys will have more than enough to keep busy, especially with the Holidays coming up.

Groom Men Personal Care Products
Groom Men Personal Care Products

Although the recent beard trend provided Julien, Etienne and Maxime with a window of opportunity to start a company, they are confident that their offer meets a timeless need. "I do not think people will stop taking care of themselves. For example, traditional shaving is something that had been lost through the years, but now that these habits are back, I’m convinced men won’t suddenly stop taking care of themselves", says Etienne, in charge of the company's product development.

In the longer term, Groom wants to increase its production capacity and focus on its charm offensive outside of the Quebec territory. Above all, the young entrepreneurs aspire to become a resource in education by making available a wealth of information about different shaving techniques and essential tips for men’s personal care.

Portrait of Julien, Etienne and Maxime, founders of Groom

The guys in a few words

First thing you do in the morning? 
Etienne : I drink coffee. 
Julien: I make sure I have breakfast and I share a calm morning ritual with my spouse. Coffee is also very important part of my morning routine.
Maxime: I drink coffee.

Do you have breakfast? 
Etienne: Yes. At variable times, but I have breakfast every day.
Julien: Invariably every morning. A big bowl of cereal or toasts, if I want to spoil myself.
Maxime: Yes, every morning. 

Your favourite breakfast? 
Etienne: Anything with eggs.
Julien: Every kind of breakfast: croissants, full English, pancakes, everything. I have a passion for breakfast. 
Maxime: Le Marin breakfast at Santa Barbara.

One word to describe you? 
Etienne: I-hate-routine
Julien: Enthusiastic 
Maxime: Calm

What do you do on your free time?
Etienne: I read.
Julien: I love to cook. 
Maxime: I work as a sound engineer. I don’t really have free time. 

Where do you find your inspiration? 
Etienne: In everyday life. 
Julien: Within the community of entrepreneurs, of people we personally know or that we follow because we like their work.
Maxime: When I travel.

Any piece of advice for entrepreneurs? 
Etienne: Find something you love and that motivates you.
Julien: Find a well-adjusted way to split your activities, your time and your energy in order to find peace and balance.
Maxime: Find peace and balance in something you love.

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