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Oatbox Coffee - The Story Behind our Blends

February 27, 2018

Oatbox colombian and peruvian coffee blends

Long gone are the days where a cup meant a stale reheated coffee. With the plethora of grinds, blends and brewing techniques now made available to the public, it is now easier than ever to indulge in that perfect cup of coffee to fuel your morning.

We worked hard with our roaster to bring you two distinct blends rich in flavour and aroma. Meet our signature Colombian and Peruvian roasts!

Oatbox Peruvian Blend

This blend is made up predominantly from the high altitude volcanic soils of the Peru countryside. This unique terrain gives it a very distinct and well-balanced taste (between tart and sweet) with a lot of aroma and notes of nut and fruit.

We roasted this Peruvian blend the Italian way, meaning that we slowly increased the temperature in order to fully enhance the grains’ flavor without burning them. This technique is used to give it a complete/round taste, while preserving its aromatic profile that is true to its origin.

Oatbox Colombian Blend

Due to its location, Colombian coffees are more fruity and tarty than Peruvian ones. This 100% Arabica brown roast is a perfect example with its notes of peanut, fruits and a tart finish.

We roasted this Colombian coffee less than the Peruvian one, giving it a slightly brighter color and a more raw taste.

 Try our coffees in your preferred grind – whole beans, espresso or drip grind.

grains cafe oatbox en vrac
torrefaction cafe oatbox

Photo credit: Barista

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