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Oatbox Winter Field Trip

February 21, 2017
Snow covered trees

With its vast forests, spectacular views and snow-covered landscapes, the Oatbox team decided to make the Laurentians our winter escape for a weekend.


Because the start of a new year is the perfect occasion to reflect on our previous work and the amazing opportunities we were granted, we figured we’d trade the usual restaurant dinner, to celebrate our year of accomplishments, for an unusual wild camping experience.

And so we left the city and drove up north, following the country roads that would lead us to Aventure Quatre Saison’s yurt retreat site. In no time, we were able to make this place our home away from home.


Here’s a look back at our glorious winter field trip.

Photo of a Mongolian-inspired yurt in the Laurentians
Woman standing in the door of a Mongolian-inspired yurt in the Laurentians

At Oatbox, we believe team spirit plays a huge role in building a genuine and strong work ethic as well as a motivating work environment. And we make sure this is something that can also be felt and experienced through our brand.


We undoubtedly enjoyed the winter wonderland setting this place had to offer to create magical memories and collectively look forward to challenges to come.

Close up of campers exchanging a cup over a cheese fondue
Campers enjoying a cheese fondue
Two happy campers enjoying beverages
Camp fire
Teepee photographed in a winter setting
Marshmallows being grilled over a camp fire

After our #beyondthebox video series, comes the #behindthebox photo series.


Now's the time to meet our team of vibrant and devoted folks that care to make your mornings the most beautiful part of your day.

The Oatbox team photographed in the Laurentians winter decor
Marc-Antoine Bovet, co-founder of OatboxMarc-Antoine, co-founder & operations
Pierre-Luc Laparé, co-founder of OatboxPierre-Luc, co-founder & finance
Julie Zyromski, co-founder of OatboxJulie, co-founder & culinary creation
Jean-François Kabbani, co-founder of OatboxJean-François, co-founder & IT
Marc-André, IT
Chloé, photography & content creation
Sophie, business development
Jérémy, IT
Olivier, digital marketing
Marie, customer experience
Audrey, graphic design
Geneviève, communicatons & media relations
Benjamin, events & partnerships
Sarah, photography & content creation

We kicked-off 2017 in a very special and refreshing way.


Plenty of nice surprises are in store for the upcoming year and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Forest trees in a winter decor
Young woman walking through a forest covered in snow
Close up photo of a pine tree branch covered in snow

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