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Patience Fruit & Co : An Art of Living You Can Savour

December 12, 2016
Cranberry field

The work of a producer is one of patience and attention – a rich and often strenuous job that requires passion and love. All the efforts invested in the art of cultivating have a significant impact on a product’s quality as well as the yield of the crops – the producers at Patience Fruit & Co are well aware of this. With a very thoughtful and meticulous approach, they make sure to provide us with delicious and high-quality cranberries.

Close up shot of a cranberry field

Patience Fruit & Co is a local division of Fruit d'Or – an international company that specializes in cranberry and blueberry processing – that was first introduced in 2015, in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes. Left behind by traditional agriculture, the soils of the region, which are described as poorer, were perfectly suited to welcome the company’s cranberry plants. The over-looked land soon became the cradle of magnificent scenery that is especially enjoyed at the time of harvest, in late autumn. 


A flooded cranberry field ready for harvest
Picnic in a flooded cranberry field ready for harvest

Since its inception, Patience Fruit & Co's mission is to offer a quality product recognised for its purity and authentic flavour, therefore satisfying the consumers with an epicurean spirit. Today, we can certainly say “mission accomplished”.


Proud supporters of slow living and the values that substantiate this movement, the producers celebrate daily life by taking the time to truly appreciate all the beauty that surrounds them. From their standpoint, it surely is best to take it slow in order to make it right, and this is why they pay the closest attention to every step of their production – from planting to harvesting.

Marie-Michèle Le Moine, Director of detail division at Patience Fruit & Co and Julie Zyromski, Culinary Director of Oatbox
A handful of freshly harvested cranberries in the hand of a producer
Beautifully decorated picnic table in front of the echanting landscape offered by a cranberry field ready for harvest
A handful of freshly harvested cranberries in the hand of a producer

All their products are the result of an ethical and environmentally responsible work. The company’s efforts were granted an organic certification that plays an important role in the quality of its products and rigorous production standards ensure the harvesting of cranberries that are free of any GMOs and chemical pesticides.


That’s not all, Patience Fruit & Co sets itself apart from the competition with its slower pressing process, which offers the consumer a bigger, softer and tastier cranberry. A careful attention that can be fully savoured!


Don’t hesitate to give their website a look or head over to the closest health food store to taste the fruit of their work! You can also find their products in several supermarkets.

Harvesting process of a cranberry field
Producer harvesting a flooded cranberry field
Flooding of a cranberry field to proceed to harvesting
Handful of freshly harvested cranberries in the hand of passionated producers

About Patience Fruit & Co.

Patience Fruit & Co is brand well-known for its organic cranberries, located in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Quebec. Carefully cultivated following slower and longer procedures, their cranberries are bigger, softer, tastier and better - a result you can truly savour!

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