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Silver Spoon Collective : 2nd edition

July 20, 2016
white brunch table in the fields of La Maison Lavande

A special thanks to our extraordinary collaborators, without whom our event would not have been the same: La Maison Lavande, Made by Objective, Looks Like White, romeo’s gin, Evive SmoothieOlympic yogurts, Miels d'Anicet and Dose Juice.

The conclusion of the second edition of the Silver Spoon Collective is a reminder that a year has passed from the time we decided to make our dreams a reality, and dive straight into the fabulous adventure that is Oatbox. 

group in lavender fields

A mirror image of our vision, the Silver Spoon Collective is a uniting event that emphasizes the beauty of breakfast when shared with the ones we love. The event also shines the spotlight on our incredible local producers and artisans, who’s work is unparalleled. In fact, the first ever edition of the Silver Spoon Collective was created for that exact purpose, and held in the orchard of the Michel Jodoin cider mill. The success of the event was proof to us that the authenticity of our beliefs and values were shared by our community.


In light of this second edition, the rolling fields of violet flowers proposed by La Maison Lavande were the perfect landscape for a pleasant get-together around one large communal table. The contribution of our invaluable partners allowed us, yet again, to transcend our ideals and create new, long-lasting memories.

white brunch table in lavender fieldsA magical landscape and fabulous products, all featuring lavender, offered to us by the amazing family of La Maison Lavande
white table and colorful linensStunning artisanal table linens, handmade by the talented Made by Objective
white brunch tableLooks Like White flat and hollowware, created by an exceptional ceramist
lavender and gin cocktails in lavender fieldsRomeo’s gin’s remarkable team crafted a one-of-a-kind cocktail specially for the event, featuring gin, cucumber juice, lemon and a simple syrup infused with the scent of our lavender and raspberry granola
young lady discussing in lavender fields
white brunch table in lavender fields
young lady smiling in lavender fields
smoothie and yogurt on white brunch tableDelicious smoothie bowls blended by Evive Smoothie, and Olympic vanilla yogurt jars added a snack for those with a sweet tooth
frame of raw honey on white brunch tableThe faint hum of the honeybee heightened the frames of raw honey by Miels d’Anicet. To indulge in such a treat directly in the fields was quite an experience
watermelon Dose Juice in metallic containerA refreshing Dose juice station offering one of their most recent creations: a blend of fresh watermelon juice

Now that we have but the sweet after-taste of the second edition of the SSC, we can begin to dream up the splendor of the third edition, when we will, once again, hope to greet all of our dear supporters for an occasion that shan’t be soon forgotten. It is our promise that following edition will be equally breath-taking, if not more so!

white brunch table and colourful linens
white brunch table
young woman smiling in lavender fields
young woman enjoying a cocktail in lavender fields
young woman smiling in lavender fields
young women in lavender fields
young women in lavender fields
group of friends in lavender fields
cocktail in lavender fields
Silver Spoon Collective gift bag
romeo's gin in lavender fields
smoothie yogurt and granola in lavender fields
smoothie in lavender fields
white brunch table in lavender fields

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