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Social Entrepreneurship With Romeo's Gin

July 15, 2016
romeo's gin in a brasserie setting

Armed with the experience of PUR Vodka, Nicolas Duvernois launched his new creation, romeo's gin, last spring. Former political science student, briefly restaurant owner and more recently a sanitary maintenance employee at the Sainte-Justine hospital to fund his first project, he is now a successful entrepreneur.

Nicolas Duvernois founder of romeo's gin and PUR Vdoka

A gin with lavender?

Bold. A reflection of its creator, we may say.

Nicolas, a fan of inspirational and directional keywords, wanted to develop a product that inspires freshness. After countless inconclusive taste tests, it's while enjoying a casual dinner with his wife that the inspiration came to him… in the form of a soup! Dazzled by the freshness that emanated from the blend, it barely took any time for him to give the mix of ingredients a try in his lab. It goes to show the unexpected is sometimes pleasantly surprising since the unique aroma of romeo 's gin was instantly uncovered.

bottle of romeo's gin
martini cocktail with romeo's gin
fruity cocktail with romeo's gin

Driven by the strong desire to give back to the community, Nicolas is a proud supporter of social entrepreneurship. He is adamant when he says romeo's gin is primarily a cause with a product, and not the other way around. Its objective? Democratize art and urban culture by making them accessible and ensuring their preservation and promotion.


Romeo's Foundation has been therefore established to serve this purpose – 5% of the profit generated on the sales of the bottles goes directly into the art fund. The first recipient of a donation was MU, a Montreal organization that aims to promote art in everyday life by creating urban murals. The upcoming will be warmly delivered to the Youth Fusion Foundation to allow schools in need to benefit from artistic kits for students who have a strong interest in art.

fruity cocktail with romeo's gin
cocktails and bottle of romeo's gin

The Foundation is not alone to bear witness of a love for art. In fact, each edition of the gin bottles celebrates an artist and his universe through a carefully chosen artwork to adorn the packaging. The first features « Mo'Z », a piece of art by the montrealer Stikki Peaches. A new edition will be released every month of May, so as to see the product evolve around artistic expression.


Until the next canvas is showcased, we can wish romeo’s gin, the cause and the product, to enjoy both well-deserved reputation and success.

Nicolas Duvernois founder of romeo's gin and PUR Vodka

Nicolas in a few words

The first thing you do in the morning?
I take my dog for a walk.

Do you have breakfast?
When I have time!

Your favourite breakfast?
Smolked salmon/cream cheese bagel, cottage cheese with pear and avocado.

One word to describe you?

What do you do on your free time?
The little amount of free time I have, I try to spend it with my wife and my daughter. Otherwise, I love what I do, so I continually think about work. I seize every opportunity to inspire me.

Any advice for entrepreneurs?
To be curious, to allow yourself to be inspired by everything and to work hard. There are no secrets to entrepreneurship!

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