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Oatbox’s Teas and Herbal Infusions – The story behind our blends

November 2, 2018


We are proud to reveal Oatbox’s tea collection that contains four teas and two herbal infusions. The blends were developed with the precious advice of renowned tea house, Camellia Sinensis. We ceated these blends to complement and elevate all of our delightful handcrafted breakfast products.

Inspired by a rich history of tradition and culture, our blends are crafted with great care and are free of dyes, artificial aromas and preservatives. Moreover, all our tea bags are biodegradable.


Fresh Start – Earl Grey with mint 

This twist on a traditional recipe will be your morning accomplice. Feel the rich yet refreshing taste of this Earl Grey, green tea and mint blend.

Sweather Weather – Apple Chai

This hearty spiced black tea will be sure to keep warm and spark you inner flame. 

Deep Breath – Dragon pearls

As you watch them blossom in your mug, these hand-rolled dragon pearls will charm with their taste.

Equilibrium – Kukicha green tea

Originating from a story of tradition and culture, this green tea offers textures and richness. With tasting notes of fresh herbs, it is a staple to any tea collection.


Golden Hour – Citrus and rooibos

You’ll find comfort with this dreamy concoction of chamomile, rooibos, and citrus flavors. Let its dreamy perfume and invigorating taste bring you warmth. 

Sweet Lullaby – Floral herbal tea 

Let its dreamy perfume and invigorating taste bring you warmth. Made with chamomile, a cup of this tea will become your daily fix. 

We want to listen to our body's natural rhythm, since, apparently, adopting a schedule closer to this rhythm would help us feel happier and healthier. Therefore, making the most of each morning with a cup of tea is about striving the get the most out of your life.

Get your kettle boiling. Collect ephemeral moments.


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