Oatbox is expanding its involvement with the Breakfast Club of Canada.


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Oatbox and the Breakfast Club of Canada present the Club Bar

October 23, 2020

We are proud to expand our involvement with the Breakfast Club of Canada by announcing something new! We co-developed with them the Club Bar, a nutritious and healthful bar for children. We are happy to announce that nearly one million bars will be distributed in schools through the Breakfast Club by the end of this school year.


We have been a proud ally of the Breakfast Club of Canada ever since our beginnings in November 2014.  Given the proximity we developed with the Club over the past almost 6 years, we asked ourselves how we could take this partnership to the next level. We quickly saw the need for children to have access to a healthier bar than what was available on the market. Something more nutritious, made with less sugar and made in an allergen-free environment. .

After several months of development and a few taste tests with children, we are proud to be able to present the Club Bar: a delicious oats, blueberry and honey 25g soft bar created especially for kids. Starting today, Oatbox will donate a bar to the Breakfast Club for every single purchase made on our website. This means our loyal customers will donate a bar each month, without even having to change their ordering habits.