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The Sweet Journey to Maman With Elisa Marshall

January 16, 2017
Table laden with delicious food at Maman Greenpoint in New York City

Growing up in Toronto, Elisa Marshall started out studying fashion design and marketing. She quickly pursued her career working in public relations where she got exposed to the event world. From that, Marshall recognized how much she enjoyed working on store openings, press previews, branding and styling events. Following her passion, she began wedding planning and fell in love with every aspect of the job. It incorporated all her passions from interior design, fashion, food and florals.

Wall decor at Maman Greenpoint in New York City
Lovely cabinet and dinnerware at Maman Greenpoint in New York City

Elisa eventually moved to Montreal to work as a freelance wedding planner. She noticed how everyone kept asking her for suggestions regarding cakes, sweet tables and candy buffets. At that time, no one was offering this service in Montreal, so she ended up creating these buffets and baking for her clients. After seeing a constant demand, she created her own catering company with a friend. Her busy life became even more hectic as she worked in fashion from 9 to 5 to pay the bills and in the evening she was working on her own projects of planning weddings and baking cupcakes.

Appetizer on wooden serving board at Maman Greenpoint in New York City
Table setting at Maman Greenpoint in New York City
Maman's pastry selection in Greenpoint, New York City

As much as she loved doing it all, she knew her expectations of building three careers and combining them into one was hard to achieve. She felt she wasn’t giving it her all and needed to really put her mind into one thing.

Shortly after, she met Benjamin, her now husband. On their first date, he mentioned that he wanted to open a restaurant one day and her dream was to have her own bakery. 5 years later, they moved to New York and opened maman.


Elisa and Benjamin partnered with one of their good friends, Armand Arnal who is also the head chef at Michelin star restaurant, La Chassagnette in the South of France. Their mutual passion for delivering exceptional food helped grow their business to 5 locations in New York and Toronto. If you’re a fan of cute places, beautifully presented food and sweet pastries, this is definitely the next place on your list!

Elisa Marshall founder of Maman, photographed in the Greenpoint location in New York City

Elisa Marshall in a few words 

First thing you do in the morning?
Check my phone. I know, it’s so bad! 

Do you eat breakfast?
Never! I don’t have time. I always have a coffee.

Your favorite breakfast?
Avocado toast. It’s also my favorite lunch!

One word to describe you?

What do you do during your free time?
Go on Pinterest and drink a glass of wine!

Your inspiration?
Really from anywhere! It can be from a person walking down the street, a conversation with a stranger, a photograph that I see. I’m open to being inspired by anything.

Any advice for entrepreneurs?
Don’t underestimate how much work it is. Say yes to everything, don’t be afraid, and jump right in. Take every opportunity and don’t shut down things or people.

Maman coffee bakery

About Maman

maman, a café and bakery with locations in soho nyc, tribeca nyc, and toronto, serves family-inspired recipes from the south of france and north america, bringing to life both savory and sweet childhood favorites. the menu features dishes created from the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients and changes every day to ensure an inspiring, ever-evolving menu.

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