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Some questions you might have

  • Developments regarding COVID-19

    In response to the most recent developments regarding COVID-19, we would like to inform you that our operations at Oatbox remain open. We would also like to update you on our efforts and initiatives to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.

    Your health and safety, and that of our employees, are our top priority and we have put in place several measures to limit the spread of the virus. After carefully analyzing the situation, members of our management and operations teams have deployed new hygiene and safety measures for our business. These measures include the reorganization of our production space and the implementation of a new shift in favour of physical distancing between our team members. In addition to reinforcing our strict sanitary protocols, our production staff will take their breaks individually until further notice.

    We want to reassure our customers that food is not a route of transmission of the virus. As a food processing company, Oatbox remains open to ensure the delivery of its breakfast products to its customers’ homes.

    With production and postal services slowing down these days, you may experience longer than normal delivery times for your box. However, we are committed to meeting our customers’ needs during this difficult time and have decided to hire additional production staff to minimize delays.

    As a reminder, we have also established a remote work policy for all our office staff in order to respect the social distancing measures and reduce the risk of our employees becoming infected with the virus. We take the morale of our employees to heart and are working hard to maintain our team spirit through this period.

    We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the recommendations of public health authorities and are committed to being proactive and transparent with our community throughout this developing situation.

    We would also like to thank you if you have made a purchase on our platforms over the last few days! A local purchase allows us to keep our employees at work.

  • General

    How does it work?

    Oatbox is a breakfast subscription box. You can choose from a variety of healthful breakfast products to fill a box that we will ship you every month. Our products are always 100% natural, most of the time organic and sometimes gluten-free, vegan and nut-free. Note that you can delay shipments if you don’t want your monthly box or even unsubscribe at any time, free of charge.

    Do you make the products yourself?

    Absolutely! All the products have been created by our own chefs. Some products, like our bars, were created by our chefs but are produced by a third-party, simply because the third-party is better than us at big scale production for this type of product.

    Is it possible to buy only one box, without subscribing?

    You can buy gift boxes, but you won’t be able to buy only one box of products you have chosen yourself. However, it is possible to unsubscribe anytime at no cost.

    I want to offer a subscription as a gift, is it possible?

    Of course! You can contact us by email at [email protected] and we will happily assist you in setting up a gift-subscription. Please note that the minimum purchase is three (3) months and that a one-time payment will be required. The boxes will be delivered every month until the subscription expires, after which the deliveries will stop automatically.

    Do you accept returns?

    Unfortunately, since what we sell is perishable, we don’t accept returns. However, if you are not entirely satisfied with your order, please contact us and we will do everything we can to satisfy you.

  • Subscription

    Do I have to commit to anything when subscribing?

    The answer is no! You can delay shipments whenever you want, and you will not be charged for that shipment until it occurs. Three (3) days prior to sending you your monthly box, you’ll receive an email with what your next box will contain. If you wish not to receive these mixes, all you have to do is press on “Move Forward or Delay Shipment“, under the “Subscription Plan“ in your account. And again, you will not be charged.

    What happens when I choose classic recurring products?

    We will ship you these same products every month, unless you modify your box or cancel your subscription. If you choose the monthly discovery products, your box will automatically contain the chef’s selection every month. Again, you will be notified by e-mail three (3) days prior to your billing date.

    Is it possible to receive more than one box?

    You can only have one subscription per email. However, you can fill your box with as many products as you want and you can even choose to receive your box every two (2) weeks instead of every month.

    When will you bill my credit card?

    It all depends on when you subscribed. For example, if you subscribed on the 17th day of the month, your next payment will be on the 17th day of the following month. We will send your box 2-4 days after receiving the payment. You can always modify your billing date by delaying shipments or by adjusting your shipping frequency in your Account.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any moment before your renewal date.

    1. Sign in to your account and go to the Plan section.

    2. Select Cancel your subscription and follow the steps to cancel.

    What is the difference between subscriptions and the unique purchase platform?

    There are 5 main differences between our 2 platforms.

    1. Only Oatbox subscribers receive a reminder email to customize their box each month.

    2. Our monthly flavours are exclusive to Oatbox subscribers, however our classic flavours can be purchased without a subscription at any given time on our unique purchase platform.

    3. Only Oatbox subscribers benefit from free delivery.

    4. Our subscription platform currently only accepts Visa, MasterCard and Amex Canada payments. PayPal payments are accepted on our unique purchase platform only at this time.

    5. Only Oatbox subscribers are eligible for the O’Club Loyalty Program and our Referral Program.

  • Shipping
  • Product

    Where can I find the nutritional information and ingredient list of the products?

    You can find the nutrition facts and ingredient list of our monthly mixes by visiting our homepage and clicking on “More Details” where the products are featured.

    What is the best way to enjoy your granola?

    Our granola mixes do not require any cooking and can be enjoyed as is, with milk, in a yogurt and fresh fruit parfait or even in your favorite smoothie recipe. We recommend a 50g serving size, which is equivalent to 1/2 a cup.

    What is the quantity of granola I receive?

    The Oatbox starter subscription includes two bags of granola that each contain 330g of our flavorful blends. We estimate about 8 portions per bag, which accounts for about $1.25 per portion.

    I am allergic to an ingredient, what should I do?

    You can definitely modify your monthly box to receive products that are suitable for your dietary constraints. All ingredients are listed on the product page and we try as best as we can to include the claims for each product (i.e. gluten-free).

    How long are the products good for?

    If the bag is properly zip-sealed and stored at room temperature, the shelf-life of our granola can be up to nine (9) months. There is no need to store the granola in the refrigerator.

    Our bars have a shelf-life of ten (10) months.

    Our oatmeal can be stored, unopened and at room temperature, for up to six (6) months.

  • Referral Program

    What is the Oatbox Referral Program?

    The Referral Program automatically rewards you for the friends you refer to the Oatbox subscription services. By sharing your referral code with a friend, you will give them a 10$ discount on their first box and earn a 10$ credit when they subscribe, redeemable on your subscription boxes or on gift shop purchases. Earn 100 O’Club loyalty points. Receive up to 4$ in additional credits per box ordered by a friend. Start referring here.

    I'm not a subscriber - can I still refer?

    Yes, you can refer friends even if you are not an active subscriber, as long as you have an Oatbox account.

    How do I spend my referral credits?

    If you are an active subscriber, credits will automatically be applied to your monthly box. They can also be used on gift shop purchases. If you are not an active subscriber, credits can be used on gift shop purchases.

    Do credits expire?

    Credits earned through our referral program do not expire.

    How do I earn credits?

    For each friend who signs up for an account through you and purchases a subscription, we will post to your account a 10$ credit, which will automatically be applied to your next order. You will then receive a 2$ credit each following month every single time your friend receives an order (for the avoidance of doubt, excluding gift shop purchases). We will also apply a $10 discount to each applicable friend’s first paid subscription order (excluding any trial orders). The $10 friend credit can only be applied to Oatbox subscription orders (and not to gift shop purchases or trial orders).

    How do I invite friends?

    You can refer friends who have not previously purchased any products from Oatbox by sending them your personal referral link or promo code. You will find them on the Oatbox referral page.

    Make sure you are signed in to be able to refer friends.

    What can I purchase with my Oatbox credits?

    You can redeem your Oatbox credits on your subscription box, or use them on our gift shop.

    What information do you store as part of the Referral Program?

    If you elect to use our email tool for informing a friend about our referral program, we ask you for the friend’s email address. Oatbox will automatically send the friend an initial email inviting them to visit or transact with the website. Oatbox may also send additional emails reminding your friend that you referred them, only if they have given us their consent by signing up to receive additional information. Oatbox stores this information for the sole purpose of sending these referral emails and tracking the success of our referral program. The friend may contact Oatbox at any time to request the removal of this information from our database.

    For more information, visit our Privacy Policy.

  • Rewards Program

    What is the O’CLUB?

    The O’CLUB is our free rewards program in Canada and in the United States that lets you earn points on all your merchandise purchases for rewards.

    How can I join the O’Club?

    To join the O’Club, you have to create an account on www.oatbox.com. As soon as your account is created, you will start accumulating points with your purchases. If you already have an Oatbox account, you are automatically part of the O’Club rewards program and no action is required.

    How do I earn points?

    There are three ways to earn points. You earn points when 1) you make a purchase, 2) when you refer friends to subscribe, and 3) when you leave a review on the products that you have purchased.

    Do my points expire?

    Yes. All points expire when you have not engaged in point activity associated with your Oatbox account for 12 months or more. Rest assured, we will send you a message prior to the deadline.

    Where can I see how many points I have earned along with all of my O’CLUB account information?

    You have access to all the information you need on the O’Club tab of your Customer Account.

    If I place an order, will my points be added automatically?

    Orders, reviews and friends referred must be fully approved before you can receive your points. The processing time can vary from 24 to 48 hours. Your points will magically appear after that time.

    How do I get rewards?

    You are eligible to receive rewards when you reach a new level, following the guidelines of each level. The first reward will be offered at 300 points. The awards and the number of points are listed above.

    How can I claim my gifts?

    Gifts must be added to your monthly box and cannot be claimed individually. They must be paired with an order.

    Can my surprise gifts expire?

    Yes. You have to claim your surprise gift before you reach the next level.

    When can I claim my birthday gift?

    Your birthday gift must be added to your box during the month of your birthday. If you do not have a scheduled order during your birthday month, your birthday gift will be paired to your order the following month.

    Are the O’Club and the referral programs entirely separate?

    They are two different but complementary programs. Each referred friend (and subscriber) gives you 100 points to the O’Club program as well as credits applicable on your next order (thanks to the SEO program) simultaneously. To learn more about the SEO program, click here.

    If I use credits or a coupon and I order a box, can I score points with that order?

    Certainly, you’ll get 1 point for every dollar spent. So if your bill is $15, you get 15 points. However, you will not be giving points on the portion of the invoice paid with credits.

    Can I earn points when I purchase a gift card?

    No. Gift card purchases are not eligible for points.

    How do I achieve O’Amateur?

    To achieve the O’Amateur level, you have to earn 300 points.

    How do I achieve O’Gourmet?

    To achieve the O’Gourmet level, you have to earn 700 points.

    How do I achieve O’VIP?

    To achieve the O’VIP level, you have to earn 1300 points.

    Can I earn O’CLUB points on lufafarms.com?

    No. You can only earn points on your purchases from the Oatbox website.

    Can I exchange my birthday gift for points?

    No. The birthday gift is not exchangeable.