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Oatmeal Taster (Pack of 6)

Our oatmeal is like no other with its fruits and tasty oats. This easy and cholesterol-free morning meal provides you with important nutrients such as fibre, protein and more and is a huge time saver: add hot water and you’re good to go!

Make those flavours your own by adding toppings of your choice to your bowl of oatmeal or by even using the blend in your oat-based recipes.

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Dani August 25, 2021

Loved all the flavours! Makes it meal exciting

Madison August 24, 2021

Super tasty oatmeal and a great way to try many different flavours. My family loved it!

Lucie August 21, 2021

Je trouve cela très agréable d'avoir pu faire une dégustation pour me faire une idée des produits.

Giselle August 10, 2021

Lorsqu'on veut commander pour une première fois et qu'on ne connait pas les options, les gruaux mélangés font un excellent choix. Il nous permet de goûter aux différents saveurs sans gaspillage.

Makayla August 5, 2021

Super good! Awesome variety, a couple of them were a bit too sweet for my taste, however the flavour of each lived up to it's name.