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One overnight oats, one oatmeal and one bar special

Try our delicious overnight oats mix, our oatmeal and our breakfast bar.

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Jacqueline October 20, 2020

I received the Banana breakfast bar, Raspberry Chocolate overnight oats, and Matcha White Chocolate oatmeal. I didn't think I would be interested in the breakfast bars as a full order product beforehand, but after receiving this box I will most likely order some. I was happy to have the option to sample some of the products and flavours I wouldn't have originally bought!

Kristin October 5, 2020

Great opportunity to be able to try different products without committing to a full package. Wasn't crazy about the flavours, but that's okay it was fun and different!

Daphne October 1, 2020

These samplers were actually my favourite flavours, and I'll be ordering them all next month! Great way to try something new.

Marie-Pier September 16, 2020

Les produits que j'ai reçu sont vraiment bon, mais malheureusement je n'ai pas reçu d'avoine coupée à l'ancienne. Vous m'avez envoyer un gruau à la place. J'étais très déçu car j'adore vos avoine coupée à l'ancienne.

Donna September 11, 2020

I included one of these sets in a gift to my Brother - he immediately signed up! Oatbox keeps him going - at home, working late at the office, mid-day snack...