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Probiotics Sm'oaty Taster (pack of 6)

A rich instant beverage mix made with freeze-dried fruit and Canadian organic oats that is sure to satisfy. Enriched with probiotics, the Sm’oaty is a healthful and delicious ready-to-go drink.

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Tropical Sm'oaty: Rolled oat powder*, freeze-dried pineapple powder, freeze-dried mango powder, mango powder (mango, maltodextrin),coconut milk powder*, chia seed powder*, Lactobacillus rhamnosus ROSELL®-11 ME- 40 (probiotics).

Choco-Vanilla Sm'oaty: Rolled oat powder*, cocoa powder*, cane sugar*, vanillin, lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell®-11 (probiotics).

Berry Sm'oaty: Freeze-dried strawberry powder, freeze-dried raspberry powder, rolled oat powder*, cane sugar*, freeze-dried blueberry powder, Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell®-11 me - 40 (probiotics).


Tropical Sm'oaty: Contains: coconut, dairy products, soy.May contain: wheat, sesame, sulphite. Choco-Vanilla Sm'oaty: Contains : soy. May contain : wheat, sulfite. Berry Sm'oaty: Contains: soy. May contain: wheat, milk, sulphite.

Ratings & Reviews


Janice September 8, 2021

I wanted to try all of the flavours before deciding which one to buy. I really like the Berries flavour.

Myriam September 6, 2021

Texture plutôt sableuse... Intéressant de pouvoir goûter différentes saveurs.

Julien September 3, 2021

Tres facile a faire !

Véronique September 1, 2021

Permet de goûter à plusieurs saveurs avant de commander un plus gros format.

Loretta August 20, 2021

The perfect on the go breakfast