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Probiotics + Proteins Sm'oaty Taster (pack of 6)

A rich instant beverage mix made with freeze-dried fruit and Canadian organic oats that is sure to satisfy. Enriched with probiotics and proteins, the Sm’oaty is a healthful and delicious ready-to-go drink.

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The Classic Sm'oaty: Freeze-dried banana powder, freeze-dried strawberry powder, rolled oat powder*, pea protein, freeze-dried cranberry powder, lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell®-11 (probiotics).

Moka Sm'oaty: Rolled oat powder*, freeze-dried banana powder, cocoa powder*, instant coee, Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell®-11 me - 40 (probiotics).

Green power Sm'oaty: Rolled oat powder*, freeze-dried banana powder, freeze-dried spinach powder, freeze-dried pineapple powder, green tea powder, Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell®-11 me - 40 (probiotics).


The Classic Sm'oaty: Contains : soy. May contain : milk, egg, coconut, wheat, mustard, sesame, sulfite. Moka Sm'oaty: Contains: soy. May contain: wheat, milk, sulphite. Green power Sm'oaty: Contains: soy. May contain: milk, egg, wheat, mustard, sesame, sulphite.

Ratings & Reviews


Layla September 9, 2021

Très bonne façon de découvrir les différentes saveurs et elles sont excellentes! :)

Janice September 8, 2021

I wanted to try all of the flavours before deciding which one I liked and some of them are really tasty.

Loretta August 20, 2021

The perfect on the go breakfast

Alexandra August 16, 2021

Ce paquet est composé de 2x smoaty moka (chocolat café) 2x smoaty vert (ananas banane) et 2x smoaty classique (fraise) Ils sont bons mélangés à des smoothies. Tout seul je les trouve moins bons! Il suffit de rajouter une banane et du lait végétal et le tour est joué. J’ai une préférence pour le smoaty vert!

Lidia August 12, 2021

The texture may not be for everyone. Still a nice add-on to snacking and fast meals.